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What is nTile PtoJ ?

Our nTile PtoJ product is an automated software migrator that translates PHP source code into Java™/Java Enterprise Edition.


The resulting application looks and behaves very close to the original, as structure and semantics are fully preserved. Behind the scenes, the quality of the code is improved by making full use of Java's capabilities.


Depending on individual project needs, nTile PtoJ can be customized to provide various output flavors. By providing migration services we offer a custom-tailored, production-ready solution.

Try it out!

Visit to browse samples and create your own migration sample project.


Find out more

We invite you to explore the nTile PtoJ feature set or browse through our samples section.

To see some real-life translated projects, take a look at the case studies.


Migration rationale

You are the proud owner of a successful PHP Web application. The users love it and keep asking for more features. Why migrate to Java?

Read more: Migration rationale