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Software Translation

This sections presents a few basic notions related to program translators and introduces the concept of software migrator.

Let's consider the program sequences S1, S2, ..., Sn written in a programming language L and let's assume that we want to develop sequences S1', S2', ... , Sn' in the L' language, which should realize the same processing.

The issue is solved either by rewriting sequences from L to L’ by programmers, or by designing an instrument that has sequences S1, S2, ..., Sn as input and produces as output the sequences S1', S2', ..., Sn', respectively. This instrument is called a software translator from L to L’.

A software translator is a special kind of program that generalizes the process of generating equivalent instruction sequences from L to L’, regardless of the input structure.

Translators are defined with very precise objectives, their complexity deriving from the nature of the input and the magnitude of differences between inputs and outputs.