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Software Migration Product vs. Service

Software migrators are bound to be complex products. As they aim to be flexible enough to cover a wide variety of patterns and needs, they are also highly customizable.

Therefore, operating a software migrator in order to obtain the most efficient outcome requires considerable expertise. Most companies do not market their products directly, but instead provide migration as a service.

Migration services avoid a steep learning curve for the customer and allow the provider to gain a good understanding of specific project needs and offer a custom-tailored, high-quality solution. The automated translation output can be optimized either by migrator customization or by manual intervention. Testing and bug fixing are executed by the joined efforts of the two parties, ensuring that the final result is production ready. Risks are thus reduced for the customer, with pilots/phases/milestones providing permanent tracking of the status.

Costs are another decisive factor for employing a migration service instead of buying the product. These costs are significantly lower when translating a single application. Product purchase only makes sense when the client has several applications to migrate and he is willing to put up with product operating training.