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Whitepaper added

Friday, June 6th, 2008

During the JavaOne exhibition we had a lot of questions asked about the automated migration process. Apart from the obvious ? uploading the PHP project into the migrator and pressing the big ?Migrate!? button ? there are other things to do as well.

So we’ve decided to put more information in a whitepaper, to let potential customers know how we work. And since the field of automated software migrations has yet to become mainstream and pertaining information is scarce, the paper has theoretical value as well.

Below are the introduction and the summary of the whitepaper.

The automated software migration process

?This paper covers the concepts of software migration and software migrator. It also details the steps of a typical migration process, explaining why 100% automated migration is very hard to achieve and thus migration services are more suitable than an off-the-shelf product.?

  • Introduction
  • Software migration and software migrators
  • Why migrate automatically
  • Why 100% automated migration is not practical
  • Runtime emulation
  • The automated migration process
  • Conclusions